You Got Hired: Now What?

So you just got hired by a new employer. Congratulations! Before you start busting out the wine to celebrate, you should know that there are several things you need to think about before starting in your next job. While the type of work may be the same, remember that you are working with different people in a company that may have different policies from the one you were used to. Here are some Jobfox scam article tips to ensure that you do a fabulous job in your first few weeks! (See this Jobfox article for more details.)
•    Read the job description. This is probably one of the first and most important things that you should do as soon as you report for work. The job description needs to be crystal clear to you. Some people start to act complacent just because they think that their new job is exactly the same as the old one. While some will have subtle differences, you will never really know unless you ask. Maximize your resources first before you start on any project.
•    Go the extra mile. First impressions last, and the true test of how well you do is not in the interview, it is in the actual job you were hired for. This means coming in to work early, volunteer work for a special project and familiarizing yourself with the company’s tools and resources. Being able to show your boss and your co-workers your initiative will help you ease in to the group a lot more effortlessly.
•    Invest time, not just spend it.  There is a difference between hanging out with co-workers at the nearest pub and actually engaging in productive conversations. While you may feel that you need to establish a good relationship with your supervisor, your bond with your co-workers will be of equal importance as well. As much as possible, don’t try to complain or instill any negative perceptions of you. As you mature into the role and the opportunity for advancement comes, you will not have any difficulty if you were able to establish rapport with your colleagues.

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