Yoga Pants for the Stressed and Worried Woman

Houston’s medical center started a program in the late 1990s for women who were receiving treatment for breast cancer. These women were often tense and tired out and needed a way to relieve some of their pressure and worry. The program that was started required the women to purchase and wear yoga pants, which not only gave them something comfortable and fashionable to wear but allowed them a reason to do a little bit of therapeutic shopping.

The official terms of the program did not specify whether or not the women actually wore yoga clothes but based on the program requirements, it is believed that they did, or at least some pants similar to yoga pants. Some of these pants may have even been accessorized with pockets or other extras. Once purchased, these women likely wanted and needed a stylish way to tote their new pants with them.

A chic and trendy way to tote their new pants with them is with an item called a Sashay Satchel. This hip tote bag is available online, comes in a variety of prints and colors, and is a wonderful way to tote around yoga pants for women. One of the best aspects of this bag is that it can be converted into a backpack, essentially giving the buyer two items for the price of one.

This tote bag functions as a way to make the life of the breast cancer patient a bit easier given its practical and fun style. When a breast cancer patient can engage in meditative exercises in the form of yoga, while being able to carry her yoga pants and other accessories in a nifty tote bag, her life will feel less stressed and more positive.

Practicing yoga and the program laid out by the Houston medical professionals can give these stressed women a calmer and less worried mental and physical demeanor. They can become happier and less stressed which will lead to a more positive life position. Participation in the program will hopefully create new friendships with those who share similar issues and outlooks on life.

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