Wooden Toys – An Excellent Choice

For toys that help children with their development, such as motor skills, co-ordination, cognitive skills and building their self-confidence with tasks such as building or putting pieces of a toy together, wooden toys are an excellent choice. Toys that help children learn these skills and interact with their environment to increase self-esteem are called manipulative toys. These include counting, sorting, working with items such as beads, fitting parts together, and solving mazes.

Wooden toys for children have been available for a long time, but many new designs and styles have recently added to the choices. Classic wooden toys for children include pounding, stacking and pull toys for toddlers, moving toys such as wooden toy trucks, and rhythm and musical instruments. Wooden baby toys include rattles and graspers with spinning parts and bright colors. For older children, play food made from wood is a favorite, especially set up in a kitchen with wooden furniture. A variety of storage options are available including the classic wooden toy chest to keep all the smaller toys and parts corralled neatly and ready for another day.

If you are shopping for a child who likes to play quietly, search the various wooden puzzles on the market for toddlers, preschoolers and on up through higher grades with increasing levels of skills needed. As well as the wooden peg classics, stacking puzzles, wooden jigsaw puzzles and wooden jigsaw animals are offered. These wooden toys are educational as well as entertaining, and durable enough to be played with over and over again. Quality, well-made wooden toys can be found offline at local retailers or through an online search.

Toys that help a child use imagination and cognitive thinking are valuable for more than just entertainment. Any toy that helps a child to think, make decisions and try new ways to do things is an important part of the child’s playtime. For children, playing is learning and growing intellectually and emotionally. Wooden toys fulfill all of that, and will last for generations. Wooden toys for children will be handed down with stories and memories that last as long as the toys last, a lifetime.

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