Why Going for an LCD TV is Better than a Plasma Flat Screen

The liquid crystal has taken the world by storm and has found its way in almost every aspect of human life by being utilized in any electronic device that required some sort of screen display with its most popular application being the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which is being used in many electronic devices and appliances like cellular phones, computer displays and the television. The use of LCD has enabled TV manufacturers to create incredible innovations like being able to reduce the size that has since initiated the good ol’ cathode ray tube (CRT) television’s decline.

The vast majority of experts in TV technology agree that plasma still offers some advantages in the picture quality department due mainly to the natural limitations of LCD in creating the images on the screen. The underlying mechanism of plasma imaging enables it to produce more vivid colors that are closer to the actual colors in nature but newer LCD flat screens are showing that they have caught up real well in this aspect. It is also better at rendering the color black which makes it naturally superior in contrast and crispness but likewise, the LCD has made significant headway and has actually equaled the plasma in this respect but for a few conditions where it still falls short. Refresh rate has also been one of its Achilles heel but again, recent developments has also shown some significant headway that any average Joe would probably not see any distinction between plasmas and LCDs except for extremely fast moving sports images.

The best attributes of LCD TVs lie in the fact that they are durable and could last many years in service and requiring minimal LCD TV repair jobs like when the back lights get dimmed out or when capacitors go bust (which should be very cheap repairs).

However, the kicker on LCD flat screen televisions is their power efficiency which is way better than the plasma variety. LCD TVs require up to around 50% less energy which is an amazing attribute if you ask me and which should be a clincher for any buyer who is also environmentally conscious in his/her purchases.

The prices of plasmas and LCD TVs have leveled out which makes it very competitive for these two families of flat screen television. Hence, in comparing, you look to other factors and the ones given in this article should be able to aid you in your buying decision.

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