Where The Wooden Chandelier Came From

When we see the huge, ornate, beautiful heavy iron or brass chandeliers in the halls of European castles we never think about the original chandeliers which would have been made using wood and quite a bit smaller. The wooden chandelier was first created way back in the Middle Ages, so that the large rooms of the castles could be lit up. You would only see them in castles because of their great expense.

Metal chandeliers might be a lot more common these days, but there is still a lot to be said for a nice, old wooden chandelier. These chandeliers fit in perfectly if you are trying to get the feel or look of an old castle or even the feel of the wild west. The modern wooden chandeliers we use today are constructed in a different ways compared to the old pieces, and also are made using more modern materials. While you are still going to have the look of the old wooden chandeliers you are going to have the safety of a modern item.

A fine example of a modern wooden chandelier is the Quoizel chandelier. These are copies of a really old chandelier that was made in Germany in the 16th century, it was of course designed to hold candles. The new versions come in a number of styles. You can choose a straight copy of the original, that comes with candles holders and drip guards, or you can go for a newer electric version that use light bulbs that resemble candles.

The amount you spend on a chandelier like this depends on a few factors. If you want to get an antique piece it is going to cost a fair amount more than a modern light. Modern chandeliers will generally be priced based on their brand, rather than features. If you think you are a creative person you could have a craftsman build you a light to your specifications. This is of course going to cost a fair amount of money, but it will be a unique addition to your house.

As the years have passed there loads of new companies reviving this old style and bringing it right up to date. The chandelier is one of the most popular items to decorating a home, they are now used all over the world.

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