What You Will Get When Buying Laptops Under 300 Dollars

If you are in the market for laptops under $300, your selection will be slim. You will likely still get a laptop that meets all of your needs, or something like it. Some things that you can expect to find with in this price range are tablets, netbooks, and refurbished laptops. If these don’t sound appealing, don’t give up. There are lots of laptops under 300 dollars and one of these will surely meet your needs.

Tablets are a little bit of a fad right now. Many technology gurus see them as fun, but not particularly practical. I must agree. The tablet is one big screen. It is fun to play with, for sure. If all that you every do is browse the internet, it will work. However, if you ever need to write a paper, it will be very tricky to do on just a tablet. You can get an external keyboard, but it will cost you extra.

Netbooks are mini laptops, with a screen and a keyboard. The keyboard is about 90% of the size of a full sized keyboard. Some people find that hard to work with. Others find it perfectly acceptable. The screen will also be smaller. Screens are generally under 11″, and can be as small as 7″. You should really only be looking at the 10″ to 11″ range. As far as what is inside for computing capacity, you will find that a lot of it will be comparable to some of the used and refurbished laptops within this price range.

Then there will be the used and refurbished, full sized laptops. The used laptop in this price range are going to be pretty old. They won’t be worth serious consideration. Some of the refurbished laptops, even if they broke when falling from an adjustable laptop table, will be a better deal. Make sure that they come with a warranty and a generous return policy. Some people fear independently refurbished machines, but honestly, you will likely get the most bang for your buck with an independently refurbished laptop.

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