What You Get from Wall-mounted Toilets

For a bathroom renovation that centers on saving space, replacing floor-mounted toilets with wall mounted toilets is the best thing to do. These fixtures are modern and stylish, and they have made their way to contemporary households because of the many benefits that they are offering.

A wall-mounted toilet is great when it comes to saving space in the bathroom. It is designed to be hanged on the wall, which creates a visual effect of a larger room. Its water tank is concealed within the wall, so you can free up around six to nine inches of additional space inside the bathroom. Such kind of toilet setup is suitable for bathrooms that are limited in space, as it can provide flooring that is uninterrupted and spacious.

Another advantage of a wall-mounted toilet is the number of ways it can be customized. Unlike traditional bathroom and plumbing fixtures, this toilet can be installed at specific heights on the wall depending on the preference of the user. Both tall and short people will benefit from this kind of toilet as they do not have to feel uncomfortable when using it.

A toilet attached on the wall also offers easier cleaning as its underneath can be mopped without any hassle. It does not have hard-to-reach areas that might allow buildup of germs and grime. Aside from being stylish and elegant, this toilet is also highly functional. Its installation does not require drilling on the bathroom floor as well, so you do not have to risk ruining the look of your flooring. If your flooring cannot accommodate a drain, the rear-discharge feature of this toilet can solve your problem.

A wall-mounted toilet also has a quieter flush compared to other toilets. It can save much water because it does not have a tank to fill, which can develop leaking over time. This functional toilet model also allows effective waste mining that prevents double flushing and clogs. Finally, it has a sturdy steel in-wall frame construction that can support a bathroom user of any build.

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