What to Look for in Purchasing the Cheapest Gaming Laptop

When considering the purchase of a gaming laptop, a few key factors need to be kept in mind. There are four components that a good gaming laptop must have to perform gaming functions at a high level. These components involve the capacity of the hard disk, the ability of the processor, the functioning of the video cad and the amount of RAM the system has available for gaming use.

The video or graphics card is the component that prevents most people from running games on their computer. These cards have allotted amounts of video-ram (V-RAM) or video memory. This component is solely dedicated to the display of graphics. While this is something many manufacturers seem to neglect, several companies make external video cards which are compatible with most computers with a USB port. The top external video cards are Radeon and ATI brands. The price on the devices ranges $60-$70.

The processor is the component where attention must be focused. The processor is the engine of the computer; it conducts all the functions of the computer’s system and is measured in gigahertz (GHz).

Every computer game box is labeled with two sets of parameters; the game producer’s recommended system specifications and the minimum requirements the game needs to operate. These requirements are always specified in GHz. The game can run on the minimum requirement; however, it may not provide as much fun as it will run slower and the graphics’ quality may not be high. The majority of the new games on today’s market recommend at least 2.00 GHz processing speed.

Random access memory, or RAM as it is commonly called, is another consideration. Though it can be upgraded, such a task requires internal installation and there could be compatibility problems. Measured in GB (gigabytes), most of today’s games recommend at minimum 2GB; a 4GB RAM will give a better gaming experience. While the amount of hard drive space is important, it is less so than the other components. A 150GB system is suitable for most top games.

When looking for the cheapest gaming laptop, buyers should keep an eye on the specific components that will make the gaming experience more enjoyable. The most important factor is processor speed. The second factor to consider is the graphics or video card, then the RAM and finally the hard drive space. While any of these components are replaceable, most prefer a computer system already capable of fulfilling their needs. If unable to purchase a computer out right; many companies have computer financing available.

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