Watch for Vintage Dolls

If you enjoy heading out to yard sales and estate sales on the weekend, you may want to add vintage dolls to your shopping list. In collecting circles, vintage generally refers to items that are over twenty five years old. These old dolls are often very popular when put up for auction on sites like eBay. If you can get your hands on one of the dolls that collectors look for, you could turn a nice profit.

Not every old doll that you come across is going to be worth a lot of money. The good news is, most dolls that are sold at these events are very inexpensive. If you find vintage dolls for sale from the 1980s or earlier, and it only costs you a few dollars, you are quite likely to make back at least what you spent. Often, you can do much better. Even dolls produced as recently as the 1980s are popular now as moms look for the dolls they loved growing up so that they can share them with their daughters. Cricket dolls and vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls are good examples of dolls falling into this category.

The one doll that everyone knows to look for is Barbie. A Barbie from the 1960s is always a good bet to do well at auction. If the doll is in decent shape, bidding wars could ensue and bring a nice profit. Even damaged dolls can sell well though. People who recondition dolls sometimes will buy up damaged dolls either for fixing up, or for parts as they work on their restoration projects.

If you happen to come across some old dolls being sold with a collection of original clothing, seriously consider making the purchase. Often times, vintage doll clothes can be worth even more than the dolls they were made to fit. Collectors love to display their dolls with original outfits. They will happily make bulk purchases of vintage doll clothes when they are available. Do not try to clean these old outfits unless you know exactly what you are doing. Many of these old outfits are quite delicate. Leave the cleaning to the experts who know what they are doing.

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