Using Your Petite Maxi Dress to Look Taller

There are a lot of things to consider when you buy your dresses. Setting aside the actual size you are supposed to get, there are other things to think about. Why not start with the occasion you are wearing the dress for? This should tell you a lot of things about the dress that you should get. If you are looking for something formal, one thing that may stop you from getting it is the possibility that you will not be able to use it again. If this is your sentiment, then get yourself a petite maxi dress.

A formal dress can range from backless long gowns to something short. A knee length maxi dress should help you in this circumstance since if you get something with a dark color then you have your formal dress. It is usually safe to go for something dark when choosing something formal to wear. Always go for the knee length dress to show off your legs and at the same time make you look taller. You can then use heeled footwear like strappy sandals or a wedge.

Go through your collection of accessories and see if you have any chunky jewelry. Oversized accessories would complement a maxi dress. Do not forget your oversized bag. You can go for something like a tote or a hobo bag to complete the look. If you are a small built woman, you will definitely appreciate what a petite maxi dress can do for you. You can look taller and you can emphasize your looks. With the help of your accessories the attention can be brought up from your foot going up to your face. You really just have to play it right when using your maxi dress since if it is not the right fit for you or if it is too short it’s just going to look wrong.

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