Using Classic Canelabra Centerpieces in Your Decor

The word “candelabra” conjures images of Victorian opulence, of candlelit dinners and dances lit by a golden glow. These romantic home accessories are good for more than just dining rooms, though, and they still look gorgeous in rooms with any decorating style. A black candelabra centerpiece can fit in nicely with decor styles ranging from minimalist to Baroque.

Choose your candelabra centerpieces according to the space it will be used in. For dining rooms, a taller candelabra will allow for diners to see each other across the table without being blinded by candlelight shining directly in their eyes. Keeping the candle flames above eye level will also eliminate the unsightly shadowing that occurs when faces are lit from below. Freestanding candelabra of different heights can be used to brighten dark corners in the dining room, accent artwork, or simply add ambience to a formal meal.

Candelabra in the bedroom are a wildly romantic accent, and should be used to their full effect. A small candelabra on a dresser or fireplace mantel will give just enough light for romantic encounters a pair of candelabra can be placed on the nightstands instead of lamps, for a brighter but still flattering light. Clustering candelabra of varied styles and heights creates a wickedly opulent look, even in the most minimalist rooms.

Of course, candlelight shouldn’t be limited to indoor use only! Imagine the effect of a double row of freestanding candelabra marking the path to a pool or hidden niche in the garden! On windless nights, outdoor dining can be made special simply with the addition of candles and suitable music, and there is still nothing more romantic or beautiful than an evening wedding illuminated by candlelight! Use your imagination, and you’re sure to come up with a million uses for these beautiful, classic home accessories!

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