Underwater Photography Made Easy With Canon PowerShot D10

Anyone going for a family vacation to places like Hawaii needs to consider purchasing an underwater digital camera. A simple point-and-shoot underwater camera is a good idea for this purpose because it can be used even by the young kids.

For most near water photographic adventure simple disposable film cameras are a good option. However, those who want to take their photographic quality to the next level have to consider better options. It is necessary to find out a camera that is waterproof and shockproof.

Before deciding on a particular model it is a good idea to do some research and find out the best one. In this case, one should take a look at Canon PowerShot D10. From the amazon.com it is available in the affordable price range of $272.95, while in the retail it can be found at $329.99. At $100 cheaper than this one is the FinePix XP10 from Fujifilm. But the Canon model looks better and more durable in this category.

Shooting near water can be risky and challenging. So having a camera that can be carried to places like swimming pool or tide pools can be amazing. The user does not have to worry about getting the camera wet. Even without going underwater one can take great shots.

The Powershot D10 can be quite fun to shoot with a camera without worrying too much about getting wet or damaging the camera under water. A complete new range of possibilities opens up to the users of this camera.

Canon PowerShot D10 gives excellent performance under water in swimming pools, tide pools or out in the deep sea. To keep the colors true there is no need to remember putting the camera in underwater mode. This applies even when the camera goes under water more than an inch or two. Following are some of the samples that show this camera’s possibilities.

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