Top Three Jump Higher Workouts

Are you searching for the greatest and most effective exercises that will help boost your jump height to the max? Well, good thing you stumbled upon this article! In this short writing you will discover three of the best jump higher workouts that will help you add inches to your vertical leap in quickest time possible. The exercises that you are about to read will enable you to develop all of the muscle that are utilized when jumping. Such routines will also target another facet of jumping which not that many people are aware of and it is referred to as the vertical explosion. This said aspect is calculated via your overall quickness, strength as well as the fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs. So without further adieu, here are the jump higher workouts in no particular order.

1.) Burnouts – This is a fantastic routine that you need to perform in order to develop your calves, more particularly the upper part of your calf muscles, to provide you with that explosive vertical leap. To perform this, here is what you do. Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart and hands onto your sides. Lift your body up by standing on your toes and feel your calves constrict and stretch. Next, hop up and down repeatedly and try to aim higher and higher with each jump. Each hop is considered one repetition. You will need to perform twenty five repetitions for three sets.

2.) Squat Hops – Another great exercise that you must never neglect performing as it helps develop the necessary muscles you use for jumping. Do this regularly and soon enough you will able to perform those awesome double handed slam dunks for sure! Start off by going to a squat position. Make sure that your back is kept straight as you lower your body down. While in that position, raise your heels off the ground and go tiptoed. Once you get your balance, jump continuously after. Perform this with the same reps and sets as the first routine.

3.) Step Ups – This will help build up the fast twitch muscles of your legs. For this, you will need a box, bench, stool or anything sturdy enough. Place your right foot on top of the platform and push your body upwards using only the power of your right leg. While in midair, switch footing and land with the left foot on top of the platform and repeat the process.

Hungry for more? Well if you want more advanced jump higher workouts, check out the Jump Manual or the Vertical Jump Bible. They contain a long list of the most effective jump higher workouts there is. You can find them easily online.

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