Today’s Portable Laptops

I am the proud owner of two terrific laptops. The portability and space-saving features of laptops are hard to pass up. Today’s models rival the function of a desktop, and depending on what you are willing to spend and what you need the computer for, you can typically replace any desktop computer with a laptop, and most especially, you can easily get a free laptop online, as long as you know where and how to get them.

For the last several years, I have had a need to have a computer within my home at all times, for personal and business purposes. In 2005, I, mistakenly, chose to rent-to-own a Dell desktop running on Windows XP and a Celeron processor. I am not sure if it is reflective of similar models, but this thing was a piece of junk, and I wound up giving it back to the rent-to-own company, having wasted several hundred dollars. Still, I do not think I had quite learned my lesson. In 2008, I purchased a used IBM Aptiva and an HP printer from a private party for the sum total of $91.00. Not the smartest move I ever made. The printer ran better than the computer and within six months, one bump of the tower had brought me the blue screen of death. I never could get it back up and running.

I went without a computer for some time, though it made things difficult. During this time, I considered my options. A laptop would save time and space, giving me the freedom to work wherever I chose, however, I was quite weary with problems, such as the laptop speakers not working, and them being prone to viruses.  Still, in 2009, I bought the first of my two laptops. I opted for the mini, as I needed something much more lightweight. The smaller size took some getting used to, but now, when I use a computer elsewhere with a full size screen, I honestly do not like it. I miss my mini.

My first Acer Aspire One is a slim little netbook. Shiny red in color and weighing just 2.4 lbs, it is perfect. It has an 8.9″ monitor. It contains an Intel Atom processor, runs on Windows XP and is an Energy Star appliance. It came equipped with quite a bit of standard, useful software and adding to it is a breeze, so long as you can download what you need, as these minis do not feature and optical drive. I have few complaints, except that the keyboard and mouse needed improvement, and I would not recommend this laptop for gaming. The speakers also have something to be desired, as does the battery life. However, everything has, in fact, been improved.

This year, I bought another Acer Aspire One. This one is sapphire blue, measures 11.6″ and is similar to the other, with the exception that it runs on Windows7 Starter and has a better keyboard, touchpad and the placement of lights and buttons has been changed. It also has excellent speakers and the battery life is more than twice that of the Acer I bought just the year before.

Both Acer laptops have plenty of ports for all of your gear and lots of storage. The lesser 80GB hard drive of older laptops has even been replaced with a standard 120GB. For someone who needs basic, portable computing, and Acer can really give you what you need. Acer laptops come in a variety of sizes and process. However, I love my minis, and they were affordable too. I paid just a little over $300.00 a piece for each one. Acer offers a one-year warranty and you can also buy extended coverage through the retailer for a small fee.

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