Tiffany Style Lighting Makes The Perfect Decor Item

Tiffany style lighting is so beautiful and unique that it is easily recognizable by most people, and is a huge hit with collectors. Because original Tiffany style lighting pieces, from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, are so rare and valuable, most people instead purchase replicas or reproductions, which are still quite beautiful. Although they are not original pieces, it takes just as much talent, precision and skill to make them.

Each one is just a little different from the others, with small variations from the artists themselves. The cut and hand rolled glass gets a copper foil edging and then is soldered to other pieces in a variety of colorful patterns and designs. The resulting lampshade gives off a soft, diffuses light which creates a lovely glow. Frequently, nature themes are depicted, such as the famous Peony, Spiderweb, Peacock, Daffodil, Wisteria and Dragon Fly designs. You can also find peacock feathers, butterflies, fruit, and an array of abstract or geometric patterns. The shade usually has an irregular edge, because of the unique ways the glass comes together.

Tiffany style lighting is most often associated with the Victorian, Craftsman, Mission, Arts and Crafts and Prairie art movements, you can also find them with more modern and varied themes. They will look great in a pub or a bar, hanging over a pool table or such, because of the soft glow that they emit. In the evenings, when you have the light on, the colors from the light bulb shining through are beautiful. But of course, during the day when the lamp is off, it is still a very beautiful piece. This is why so many people love to collect Tiffany style lighting. As a matter of fact, most collectors are know for buying the lamp set, rather than a single piece.

With so many stores offering tiffany lamps, it is now easier than ever with the reproductions and replicas available at lower prices.

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