The Value of Surplus MOLLE Military Backpacks

MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, backpacks are a multi-faceted tool used by the United States military for operational work. The soldier has the ability to carry a variety of gear in an organized, easy to access system that can be tailored to operational needs. This is done by the nature of the Pocket Attachment Ladder System, or PALS. With this system, a number of pocket attachments can be added or subtracted to the bag as needed. Some of the pockets are versatile enough to carry a variety of equipment, while others are more specific in nature.

The primary section on the inside is large enough to carry larger gear, and includes a spot for a water pack so that the soldier can stay hydrated. There are also two side pockets on the outside for organizing smaller gear. The straps for the shoulders and the belt that goes around the waist provides good support and can be taken off as needed. In addition, the front compartment can be added or removed, depending on the situation. The pack also handles handles body moisture and water with ease, allowing it drain off easily. The outside is covered with digitally designed camouflage material that helps the wearer to blend in easily in certain environments. The coloring can vary with branch and type of unit, depending on where they will be sent to operate.

Surplus MOLLE military backpacks have now become very popular with the general public, who like to use them for a number of activities. These can include backpacking, camping, hunting and everyday use. They can often be found at military surplus stores and on the internet. They have shown their usefulness both in the military and in everyday use, so the system has proven itself a viable alternative to past systems.

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