The Simplicity of the Airbrush Makeup System

Now it is easier than ever to create a perfect, pore free face at home, with the airbrush makeup system. Many of the actors and actresses on television today, are airbrushing their faces to give themselves a flawless look on camera. The kit is not just for professionals, the airbrush was designed so that anyone wanting an unblemished look can simply use this system at home.

Airbrushing makeup works by adding a small amount of foundation and mixing in a little bit of water. Then a wand is used to spray the mixture onto your face, creating perfect skin texture without wearing a lot of foundation. The kit comes with everything that is needed to begin the process, except for the foundation and bottled water. Foundation usually costs about twenty dollars and the kits vary in price between $120-$600 depending on features that are added on to the machine. There are several different parts that can be purchased separately such as, blush, tattoo, eye shadow nozzles and several other upgrades.

Airbrushing can be more time consuming, compared to using just regular foundation but the results are night and day. Every brand of airbrush will come with its own set of directions. The instructions for all airbrushes are basically the same. Begin by mixing a few drops of water, with the instructed amount of foundation into the chamber, and then use the wand to spray on the foundation by holding it six to ten inches from your face.

Continue spraying, moving in circular patterns until your face and neck are covered to your liking. Holding the wand in one place will cause the makeup to build up in one spot, so it is very important that the wand is moving in a circle at all times. After letting the makeup dry a second coat may be applied if necessary.

Every airbrush makeup kit uses different consistencies of foundation makeup, but the best approach is usually to apply the airbrushing before any other makeup is applied to your face. Some sprayed makeup may break down the adhesive in mink lash extensions, for instance, or make your eye makeup smear.

Overall, the airbrush makeup process is to be an excellent value that is worth its high cost and learning curve when you consider the vastly improved appearance of the skin after the makeup is applied, as well as the fact that a good quality airbrush kit will last you many years.

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