The Nikon L22 Is One Of The Best Point And Shoot Cameras

The ongoing digital camera revolution has flooded the market with affordable point and shoot cameras. Everyone has an excuse these days to be an novice photographer. Indeed, count the cameras at the next event of any kind that you attend. The number will be only slightly lower than the number of people. This has been a great boon for camera manufacturers, of course, and consumers can benefit from the competition by shopping a whole host of cameras in all makes and price ranges.

For people who want a simple, cheap, and compact camera, one of the best point and shoot models is the Nikon L22. While the functions of this camera are basic, remember that it was all science fiction just a few years ago. This camera takes good pictures and includes all the standards including video, short zoom, flash, scene options and a three inch display. It’s a small and durable little machine, built to last even as it bumps around in the bottom of your purse or in the glove box.

The Nikon L22 is powered by two double A batteries. The advantage to this low-fi solution is that you can always get new batteries when your power runs low. There is no recharger to pack or lose. If you lose your fancy camera battery on vacation you’re probably out of luck until you get home. Not so with regular batteries. Sometimes primitive solutions make the most sense. The disadvantage is that regular batteries run down quickly and add weight to the camera. One solution is using lithium AA batteries. This will significantly increase the length of shooting time you will have.

12 Megapixels make this camera’s image resolution perfectly respectable among cameras today. Honestly, you won’t need more resolution that this for basic printing, web upload, and email sharing. This is a good sturdy simple camera at the low end of the digital camera market and succeeds earlier hugely popular Nikon point and shoot cameras.

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