The Importance of Sealing Granite Countertops

A new granite countertop represents a significant financial investment in both the longevity and beauty of your home. For this reason, it is essential to take the time to ensure that it does not become discolored over time. In order to safeguard your granite, you should seal the granite countertop on a regular basis, rendering it impervious to stains in the first instance. A wide range of products are available for purchase which specialize in the sealing of granite countertops. However, it is vital to know how and when to do this job.

The initial step in sealing granite countertops is to establish the correct time at which to apply a new coat of sealant. It is advisable to seal a granite countertop at least once a year. However, different varieties of granite possess different properties and porosity levels and each variety of stone proves unique unto itself. Certain types of granite will last for a lifetime without requiring sealing although some may need sealing at least once a year. You should be provided with more detailed information about the sealing of your granite countertop from your granite supplier. To establish the requirement for sealing, clean and polish the countertop before allowing it time to dry. Next, pour a small quantity of water onto the surface of the granite and let it pool there for a few minutes. If a slight discoloration can be seen after you have wiped the water away, the granite requires resealing (although do not panic about the spot that has been left as this will soon fade away once the water which was trapped in the pores has been evaporated).

Once you have established that you need to seal the countertop, you will need to select a sealing product from the large number available on the market. The granite supplier will advise you on the best sealant for your countertop. The actual task of sealing granite countertops proves relatively straightforward, however you must read and follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer. Typically, you will be required to thoroughly clean your countertop with commercial granite cleaning products and leave it to dry. Next, apply the sealant as per the provided instructions, allowing it time to fully soak into the countertop for the recommended time before wiping it clean and allowing it time to dry. Following waiting for several hours, depending on the sealant that you use, it is usually recommended that you then apply a second coat of sealant.

Granite sealing technology continues to advance and new products are frequently introduced to the market. The process of sealing granite countertops is relatively hassle-free and is among the greatest investments that can be made to the longevity of your kitchen.

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