The Best Lines Men use When Dating Online

The internet is now one of the most popular ways to meet people, including potential romantic interests. Chatrooms around the world now have millions, perhaps billions, of registered users and many of them are men looking for Ms. Right.  Just like in real life, however, some guys seem to have more success at online flirting with the ladies than others do.  So what is the secret to their success?

Compliments Still Break the Ice in Chat rooms

People have used compliments from the beginning of time to win the favor of a person to whom they are attracted.  It turns out the same routine also works well online, especially when visiting 3D chat rooms where people have created an avatar to represent their online persona.  Because the avatar is a virtual representation of themselves or an illustration of their personality, the receiver of the compliment is flattered, often resulting in an attraction to the one delivering the flattering words.

Which Chat-Up Lines are Most Successful?

If you’re a man visiting a chat room in hopes of finding a woman to spend some time with, it’s good to know what lines have proven most successful.  According to a recent study, the one phrase women responded best to is “You have beautiful lips”.  It is reported that this line most often elicited a longer discussion, at least when it comes to American women.

Women in other parts of the world seemed to prefer compliments about other parts of their body.  For instance, Spanish women most enjoy being told that they have lovely hair.  Canadian and German women responded well to flattering comments about their complexion, British ladies like to have their legs praised, and Portuguese and Dutch women like hearing about their beautiful ears.  American, Brazilian, and French girls also like to hear you say flattering things about their fashion choices.

It seems that women respond best to compliments that are bold and confident yet seem to have been personalized especially for them.  They prefer to feel like what you tell them is not the same thing you will tell the next lady you flirt with, but instead something you think makes her different from other online candidates for your affections.

So the next time you visit a chat room in search of a special someone, remember to start your chat with a compliment.  What happens after that is up to you.

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