The Benefits Of A Bankers Lamp

Bankers lamps have their own unique and distinctive style and can be extremely useful in a variety of places where a little bit of focused light is needed. Providing this focus in an area used for writing or reading is how the bankers lamp actually got its name. You can easily spot these lamps by their characteristic brass trim as well as their typical height and width that sets them apart. Rarely are these lamps more than about 16 inches tall or 12 inches wide. This means they are an ideal way to focus some light on a very specific location in an extremely unobtrusive manner. Today, these lamps are available in a variety of different colors and styles to suit almost any décor or room.

First of all, there is the classic banker’s lamp. This lamp comes with the typical solid brass base which is accented with various designs. It has an arm that holds the actual light and this is usually bent and has a finish to match the base. Typically the shade will be made of green glass which makes the light very soft and comfortable for the eyes. Sometimes the lamp’s finish will be of pewter, silver or bronze. There is even a spin-off on the classic lamp style which is often referred to as a tycoon banker’s lamp. The style of this particular lamp is usually straight and resembles a regular light. However, because it has the height and width necessary, it still provides a very focused light source. Finally, some of the styles available are more modern in design and can even be purchased in plastic.

Regardless of which style you decide on, you will find that the bankers lamps can provide a perfect light for writing letters or paying bills. You can even use them as reading lamps. It is not difficult to purchase this kind of lamp, they are available in many places such as home improvement stores or even on the internet.

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