The Beauty of Buying an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

by guest author Mark Ellis

For some people, purchasing an electric bike is really not an option.  If you buy a good quality electric bicycle, you can expect to pay upwards of $700 for a decent one.  For many people, that price tag seems to be a little too much money for a bicycle.  However, there is a cheaper way you can go to get an electric bicycle and that is to use a conversion kit to change your bicycle into one.  Basically, a conversion kit is the electric motor, battery, charging device and controllers all in one kit.  You put it on your regular bicycle and it will be able to function just like an electric bicycle.

Conversion kits are great because they aren’t as expensive as purchasing regular electric bikes. You can pretty much create a custom bike more to your liking because you can put it on just about any bike frame, and if you are really smart, you can learn more about electric bike systems while puting it on your bike frame so you will know how to fix one.

I have literally seen some of the coolest electric bikes around that a person could see because of the fact that adding an electric bicycle kit you can create just about any type of electric bike you want.  Not only that, but after you put a conversion kit onto one of those bike frames, you can do it again and again, thus allowing you to build e-bikes for others.,  Heck, you could even start a business doing this.

Actually, most bikes that are converted to electric bicycles via a conversion kit are lighter and if you are used to a particular bike that you have been riding, you can still keep on riding that bike after you have converted it.

Electric bike conversion kits can make the ideal exercise bikes because they can fit your fitness lifestyle.  For example, if you have arthritis or other ailments that only allow you to do a limited amount of bicycle riding, then you can always allow the electricity to kick in and help you with your exercise.  It is a real good idea to get a physical if you are at risk though, because an electric bike conversion kit won’t solve all of your fitness problems and even if you are riding one you could still get a heart attack if you are out of shape.

Another thing that converting to an electric bike by way of a conversion kit can do for you is to save you time and money when running errands.  If you still want to get some exercise walking to the store, then an electric bike will get you there quicker and while allowing you to get that much needed low-impact exercise. Also, it will save you money by allowing you to use something other than fossil fuels for energy.  Gas prices in many parts of the U.S. have hovered around $3.00 a gallon and for running errands or going to work (provided it is not too far) it will save you loads in gas money.

To sum it all up, getting an electric bicycle conversion kit is a great way to save money, get some exercise and declare independence from oil companies.  Once you have built your own electric bike yo will have a great sense of pride that few other hobbies can offer.

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