Subway Coupons Enlightened My Budget

The last time I ate out for lunch I utilized one of the oldest methods of money saving by presenting the cashier a bunch of free Subway coupons that I had only moments earlier printed out.  I live about three blocks from a Subway that I’m ashamed to say I eat at every day.  This particularly Sunday I decided to take a nice hard look at my budget.  I bank with Bank of America which has a nifty application on their online service that includes an option to see where I’m spending all of my money.  It said that I was spending over fifty percent of my budget at Subway.  I knew there was some way that I could save if I could just find some discounts.  What I decided to do was find websites that offered free Subway coupons.  I printed out about thirty of them so I’d have enough to use one everyday of the month.  I could also give a few to my friends when I ate out with them.  I like looking out for other people and by helping them save money at lunch I felt really good about myself.  I would always be rewarded with a healthy thank you and a nice handshake.

The application on Bank of America’s online service helped a lot to identify where I was spending my money, but the Subway coupon itself was the mechanism in which the actual savings came.  If you do what I did and take an honest look at your financial situation I’m sure you’ll find a lot of place that you spend a lot of your monthly budget.  By identifying these places, you should be able to find avenues of savings much like the coupons I used to put a dent in the amount of money that leaves your account.  Face it, everyone these days could use a little extra money in their bank accounts.  I know I did!

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