Static Caravan Holidays for the Outdoor Lover

There are many holidays to choose from in the United Kingdom but if you are an outdoor lover you simply cannot beat a self catering holiday. We are lucky in the UK that there are many different types of accommodation to choose from for a self catering holiday. One of the best value options is that staying in Caravan, not a touring caravan where you need to buy the caravan yourself – a static caravan that you can rent out a week or so.

Many static caravan holiday parks in United Kingdom is situated in areas of outstanding beauty and as such this means that there are many walks and cycleways which lead straight from the caravan doors. In fact there are so many walks in Britain than most of the caravan parks you could take a different walk everyday of the week. It’s not just walks and cycleways though that are appealing a static caravan holiday there is much more to.

If you opt to stay on a larger Caravan Park you will probably find that there is on site fishing and perhaps even a golf course. If you do choose a park has fishing make sure that they have a license that covers the entire park and that way you do not need to go to the expense of purchasing fishing permit yourself.

Static caravan holidays will also appeal to the outdoor lover because the outdoors is so accessible. Most static caravans have an outdoor area where you can enjoy games and even barbecues in the evening. Staying in a caravan easily beats staying in a tent because you get all the benefits of camping with the added advantage of knowing that you will get a good nights sleep.

These really are the three main reasons why a static caravan holiday will appeal to the outdoor lover. You could of course opt for holiday cottage but then really that is much different staying in your own home.

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