Stand Mixers Can Be A Big Help

Mixers have come a long way from the first ones that were powered by human power. The baker had to turn a handle to make the beaters spin and mix the ingredients. A heavy batter could make this difficult. Now, the addition of electrical power has made the job of mixing even the stiffest combinations of ingredients a comparative breeze, and is an essential part of the kitchen for anyone who loves to bake but hates hard work.

At first, electric mixers were held in the hand. This still required some physical strength but still was a wonderful relief to cooks, saving enormous amounts of time and doing a superior job of whipping, mixing, blending and beating various ingredients. Hand mixers pretty much became extinct and homemakers took on more adventurous baking challenges and could even let their young children enjoy making a beautiful birthday cake or a batch of delicious chocolate-chip cookies to impress all their friends.

Progress continued, adding the addition of a stand to mixers, so that the baker did not have to hold the mixer, but could put the ingredients in a bowl and guide the mixer around. Now there was practically no labor involved–just flip a switch and the mixer could whip up a meringue topping for a lemon pie or knead bread dough.

The homemaker or baker could now multi-task, getting other dishes ready or relaxing for a few minutes while these mixers like kitchenaid pro 500 stand mixer or sunbeam mixmaster 2591 especially as their power and capacities increased, allowed homemakers to provide home-made bread, exotic soufflés and superior cakes for those special occasions. Those who loved baking and the special smells fresh-baked goods supplied to a kitchen embraced these stand mixers wholeheartedly.

The additional attachments now available for these stand mixers have made them all-purpose devices beyond the standard duties of whipping up meringue, mixing and blending batter for cakes and cookies or kneading dough for fresh-baked bread. With these special attachments and the great power of these machines they can roll pasta, churn up ice cream, grate cheese, grind meat or even slice up various foods. Prices, rather than soaring, have become even more economical, putting the ownership of these wonderful machines within reach of virtually every household. With the current economy, eating in is now much more fashionable and these wonderful stand mixers can restore the sometimes forgotten joys of cooking and baking.

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