Some Consider Multi Purpose Ladders Essential Tools

One of the tools that it is almost essential to have around the house is a ladder of some kind or another. In order to complete some of the general tasks that inevitably come up such as a painting job, tree pruning or when the roof needs attention you will require a suitably sized ladder. It is best to have a ladder that is the right type for the job at hand, your safety might depend on it.

There are many different types of ladders that have been made to perform specific tasks. These ladders include small step ladders, larger extension ladders and A-frame ladders that can also be used as a means of supporting a platform. A very useful type is known as a multi purpose ladder provides you with all of these types of ladders as well as many more configurations that you may not have considered.

This makes it an extremely useful addition to the garage because with just a single ladder, one that folds down to a very compact size, you essentially have up to 12 or more ladders at your disposal. It is a simple matter of unfolding the ladder and locking each segment into the position you require to set up the ladder as a solid extension ladder or a stable A-frame. The hinge locking mechanisms allow you to set each segment of the ladder at a different angle and this is the key to the versatility that they supply.

An important factor for ladders and determining how useful they may be for a professional is the load rating that they have been designed to withstand. It is possible to buy multi purpose ladders that provide the maximum load rating that would be required for any professional tradesman making them perfect for both domestic use and industrial.

The convenience of simply having to carry around one ladder rather than 2 or more should be all the reason you need to buy one. This is reinforced by the fact that you will only have to pay for one ladder rather than the expense of many different types.

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