Solar Charger-Go Green Today

Go green and conservation of energy is what every social activist feels and is being asked to do. Alternative power sources are being seriously explored by all the countries. Solar energy is one of the best and cheapest alternative resources available today. The solar power uses the radiation form sun and the photovoltaic. The technology behind this is either the active solar or the passive solar. Active solar technology means that the solar energy is converted into electricity and directly transferred to the device. In passive method the energy is first stored in solar cells then they are converted and used when needed. Solar charger use the solar energy in charging the electrical appliances or the electronic devices.

They are generally portable charges and are used in charging cell phones, Mp3 players, I pods etc. They are similar to lead acid battery or the Ni-Cd battery which can charge up to 48 volts. The solar chargers have solar cells in them which are fitted on to the top and are connected to the battery. These charges have the intelligent charge controllers in them. They are used in car also to plug on to the cigarette lighter. Torches also use solar chargers and they use this as a secondary energy and use alkaline batteries as their primary energy. Two things to consider while choosing the solar battery are the cost and weight of it.

The higher the wattage the expensive is the cost of the charger. These chargers are very much popular and extremely useful for frequent travellers. The only disadvantage being the lack of sunlight can create problems for the charger. Power inverter is those electrical devices which converts the direct current into alternating current. The inverter stores the energy in the form of direct current and when there is no direct power supply or where are no chances or power supply these inverter convert and emits the required wattage.  Use a inverter which has a higher rating and never compromise quality for cost sake.

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