Soft And Warm Flannel Sheets

Winter is an awful season for a lot of folks. The wind is cold, there are blustery flakes that blow down into coats and into your face. The porch is slippery and the driveway needs to be shoveled on a regular basis. All these things make people prefer warmer weather. Unfortunately that is not going to happen without a severe venue change which is pretty lame a reason to move to Florida or California.

Because people like to have a warm place to rest from hard days at work linen makers decided to create a softer and warmer way for their customers to sleep at night. Flannel sheets were the outcome of this desire. They are made with 100 cotton making them almost hypoallergenic. It is brushed on one side usually and in some cases both making them feel like a hug fresh from the linen cabinet. They also make a great lap cover on evenings that are not cold enough to warrant the use of a blanket.

The use of a flannel sheet set creates a snug feeling when crawling into bed on cold nights. They are heavier because they are made with cotton. Depending on the thread count air cannot flow as freely through them meaning that they will help hold in the body warmth while you sleep. Another nice thing about that is it allows you to turn down the thermostat at night and save a little on your heating bill. Flannel waterbed sheets also help to keep the heat in the bed when getting up for a few minutes in the middle of the night so there is no sudden shock of cold when climbing back in it.

There are lots of places to find waterbed sheets. Some waterbed stores carry a few or have catalogs that you may choose to order from. Another place is on the Internet at the sites of waterbed stores. At the very least there will be links to follow to find exactly what you are looking for.

Retailers such as Waterbed Outlet, Mr. Waterbeds, Soft Linens and Famous Maker are just a few places to purchase superb flannel sheet sets for your family. Many solid colors are available to match any decor. Shades of hunter, red, rose, wedgewood and burgundy are only a few. Plus there are prints that are very pretty too. Priscilla, pine cones and snow flake are some that can be found at online retailers.

Flannel sheets are soft and durable so they are great for families. They hold in warmth for little ones that end up kicking off most of their blankets and perfect for parents who prefer sliding into a warm bed at night. Flannel sheets are the answer to most of the linen questions you may have and can be found at great prices you can afford.

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