Selecting Art Deco Lighting For Your Home

An art deco light is a stylish decoration for your home. Whether you live in a traditional home that shows artistic flair mixed with practical living, or you live in a contemporary space in which the simple geometric lines of art deco lighting seem to be made for. There are many styles of art deco lights in most retail outlets so make certain that you buy the light that is right for you and the design and atmosphere of your home.

For contemporary homes the most adaptable style is called Hollywood. It is a simple mixture of round and rectangular forms typical of the art deco style of the Hollywood era. It adds value to today’s modern, contemporary style. For traditional homes the Atlantic style may be the one to select. It emphasizes the angular side of art deco and will work better in homes where the style has more varied angles than the contemporary style. For a more decorative light fitting look at the Oceanside style. It looks to blend the scrolling doodles of art nouveau with the geometric shapes of art deco in a brass colored frame to give a softer look to the private spaces in the house.

There are many other art deco light styles to choose from. But before deciding to buy any light, make certain you research all the other art deco styles. Do not forget to think about where it will be fitted and if it will go with the furniture nearby and the overall style you want to achieve. In addition, think about size. If it is too big it will look out of proportion. If it is too small it may disappear into the background. Take time to consider all these points and you will select the art deco light that will make the perfect addition to your home.

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