Saving Money On Your Newborn: Second Hand Newborn Baby Clothes, Toys and Equipment

Most people would agree that having a baby is joyous, exciting, rewarding, exhausting and often expensive.  While that new member of your family will tap into your wallet a bit, from baby accessories all the way through a college education, there are certainly ways to save on newborn baby expenses.  I have a bunch of things to suggest for new parents, and even veteran parents.

Baby Clothes

Yes, new baby clothes can feel like a real drain on your bank account.  Here are some tips for you:

  • Try to stick to second hand newborn baby clothes.  This is a great way to save.  Just make sure you wash them well, and perhaps more than once.
  • Ask friends and family for hand-me-downs.  Don’t feel like you’re begging.  This is the single best way to save on clothing.  If you get enough gifts like this you may be able to spend close to nothing.
  • Definitely stay away from designer baby clothes.  Your baby will be growing out of clothing faster than you can say “The Gap.”  It’s just not worth it.
  • Forget shoes, until your baby is starting to pull themselves up.  I never understood why people put shoes on their newborn.  The exception may be if it is a freezing winter day.  But thick socks work just fine until they’re on their feet.
  • If you do buy new clothing, remember you can sell it at thrift or consignment shops. This is a great way to recoup your money.


  • Getting second hand toys is another great way to save money.  Furthermore, you are being eco-friendly by recycling.  All of those plastic toys out there waste a lot of natural resources.
  • Don’t buy so many toys.  I know you want your child to have lots of fun and activities, and to be stimulated.  But to babies everything is a toy.  Keep the amount of toys to a minimum and you’ll seriously save.  Plus, it gives your child a better sense of value, and keeps your house less cluttered.
  • Like the above point, buy fewer toys, and make them quality toys that will last a while.  Wooden toys are a good example.  I know this is a bit counter intuitive, because quality wooden toys will cost more.  But, they will last longer and have more resale value if you want to recoup some cash.


  • Things like swings and strollers can be pricey.  If you can find quality ones second hand, this can be a great savings.
  • It is not recommended to get a second hand crib or car seat.  However, if the crib is relatively new and you test it out, you can probably find a good deal.  We bought a new crib from Ikea (Gulliver, $100) and sold it before the end of the year, so someone is using our used crib.  But I know it was in great shape.
  • Although I would recommend staying away from things like the Bumbo Baby Sitter, Jumperoos and bouncers, getting these things second hand can save a bundle.  Just make sure all the parts are properly attached and not damaged.  Always test them out too.

Good luck on your bargain hunting and your new addition to the family!

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