Round Oriental Rugs: Great Additions To Your Home

All professional decorators and interior designers know the importance of round area rugs to tie the room together in one style. They may be simple additions but they do make a big difference. Rugs now are so well made and so artistically designed, many professional decorators use them as wall hangings rather than floor coverings. These products are just very versatile and handy. if you are going for an oriental theme in your home then you should definitely use round oriental rugs to complete the look.

When people think of the words “oriental”, we usually assume it’s red and Chinese but that doesn’t always have to be the case. You might be surprised to know that “oriental” can really includes places as far away from each other as Turkey and the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for the best rugs, try looking for those made in places like Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and China. They weave rugs that clearly shows culture, history and a hint of the exotic. The oriental styles usually shows their cultural beliefs and religion. There are also designs like floral, geometric and curvilinear that are still considered as “oriental”.

If you are looking for the best Oriental rugs, you’ll find them to be made of only natural fibers like wool, camel’s hair, silk and cotton. Personally, I like those made from wool. the reason here is that they are fire and dirt resistant. This is a very good feature for a rug. You have to know though that rugs made from the above mentioned materials are quite expensive so be prepared to pay top dollar for them. if you are shopping under a budget but still want comfort, try looking for round rugs that are made from lower grade cotton or wool. There are also synthetic materials like polyester and acrylic fibers to choose from.

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