Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty – Cosmetic Surgery for the Nose

Septoplasty & rhinoplasty are two types of nose surgery for aligning the septum’s contour. The middle part of the nose which is the septum is the one that divides the nostrils to create two paths & is made of nose bone & cartilage.

Rhinoplasty is a nose operation to amplify, lessen, elongate, straighten, or in other words create a balance of the whole appearance of the face. People who seek nasal surgery for aesthetic purposes, most likely chooses rhinoplasty, & that includes change of the nasal bone and cartilage. On the other hand, septoplasty is a nose surgery that brings back or enhances the functionality of the nose in terms of breathing in and out more simply. This operation aligns a deviated nasal septum as mentioned previously.

Septoplasty is also done to correct an improperly situated septum. This operation is essential because the septum’s problem has to be corrected so that it can perform its function well. Even though the septum may appear useless, it has 3 important functions.  They are to manage the air flow that you breathe in and out, to give strength to the nose and for the nasal mucous membranes storage.

However, if septoplasty is not done, the misaligned septum can create hindrances with the flow of the air and it becomes harmful. It may disrupt your breathing pattern and your body may lack the oxygen that it needs.

Furthermore, the requirement for the septoplasty surgery to be done can also be the effect of the past rhinoplasty operation where the nose’ size was lessened. The alteration to a lesser size may have also decreased the amount of air that you can breathe in because the breathing space got thinner and lesser.

This surgery is usually performed in the hospital by a cosmetic surgeon. The anesthesia will be in a form of sedation. When you feel the numbness, the surgeon will start the corrective surgery.

Nonetheless, you will be evaluated first if you have certain medical conditions that can make some hindrances to the surgery before you will be considered to be operated. Additionally, your medications will be assessed as well to be certain that it will not react negatively with other medicines required for the nose job.

Lastly, you can go home after an hour after the operation or the day after it.  Your surgeon will surely provide you with the instructions on how to take care of your nose to prevent certain trauma. Follow the instructions carefully, or else, your nose may not heal appropriately.

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