Replacing your Laptop Battery

In the past, the computer was the size of a room. This form of computer also needed an elaborate set-up and a degree in computing to run it. Now, a device which can be as small as a regular sized notebook can contain that much computing ability. In addition, it is so user-friendly that even a 5-year old child can operate it. The best advantage of these so-called laptops (because they can just be put on top of your lap) is that they can be brought anywhere because of their size. However, the only problem is that many a laptop battery last only for a short time. This is either because of wear and tear from extended use or because it wasn’t taken care of properly in the course of its usage.

The best solution for this is to purchase a brand new one and make sure to take care of it. As a general rule, buying a laptop battery that is of the same brand or supports the brand of your mobile PC. The better option is to buy the same brand but if you plan to buy something that is claimed to be compatible with your brand, verify it so that you won’t end up ruining your notebook because of incompatibility.

After you have purchased your new battery, put it in your pc and use your laptop charger to charge the battery for the first time. Charging a new battery has different guidelines depending on the brand. Some batteries need to be charged for an extended period of time while some others don’t. Just make sure that your laptop charger is in good condition. A good laptop battery charger comes with the purchase of your laptop. From time to time, try to check your charger’s efficiency too. Most common sign of damage in the laptop charger is the “on and off” problem wherein you will notice that your battery charging fluctuates – it charges, stops, charges again and stops. If that happens, make sure to replace it ASAP to prevent damages to your battery and mobile PC.

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