Reasons to use Clark electric pallet jacks

One of the biggest keys to running an efficient warehouses making sure that you have the right equipment to do the job. One of the aims you will need for your warehouse is an electric pallet jack truck. These are much more convenient compared to the manual handheld pallet jacks. While electric versions will cost more money up front they will deftly be worth it because of the amount of time you’ll be saving in the long run. Electric pallet jack trucks also require a minimal amount of maintenance as long as you follow the preventative maintenance schedule.

While there many brands out in the marketplace such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, and Yale your best bet is to purchase a new sheen made by the Clark material handling Corp. Part of the reason you want to buy a unit from Clark is because they have a very extensive network when it comes to dealer support. This is very important in case you need emergency repair parts for your Clark forklift.

Before you decide on exactly which model you will want to buy you need to understand the layout of your warehouse. If you have a lot of small narrow walkways will want to buy a smaller electric pallet jack unit so that you do not accidentally bump into your walls. One of the most important parts of the comes to extending the life your forklift is making sure that you take care of the electric forklift batteries. Electric forklift batteries will last up to five years as once you take proper care of them. What this means is that you will need to check your water level on a regular basis so that you can top off your batteries if they are running low on fluid. You also should never charge your forklift batteries until your forklift is almost completely out of charge. The reason for this is because your electric forklift batteries have a limited charging cycle and prematurely charging your forklift batteries will deftly cause your batteries to wear out faster.

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