Protein Powder, the Power Source to Satisfy You

There are almost five dozens of protein powder brands available in the market today. Each of these proteins has their own formulas, although most of them have the same ingredients. The usual components are whey, casein, eggs, soya milk, and others. They are either produced singularly or lumped together.

Proteins serve several functions in the body. Proteins supply our cells with energy, are responsible for our body’s micro activities, close our wounds and make our muscles grow, in the process making us taller and bigger also.

Our elementary teachers told us that proteins are the building blocks of our body.  Both man and woman’s gametes are made of proteins and as humans we grow as protein based beings. We may be called human proteins or protein beings, which would be highly appropriate.

Protein food supplements fill the gap that the food can’t satisfy in many occasions during our life. Our protein supply fluctuates during the conditions that supplements become necessary.

When we are sick and during convalescent periods, protein supplements can increase the cells homeostatic activities and produce more nutrients to help our fast recovery

In match competitions where athletes challenge each other, the utilization of proteins goes into full gear as well. The athletes are fed with high protein diets and supplements before and after the contests.

More importantly, protein supplements have their function cut out for them when we go on a diet.  As our food consumption starts to dwindle, we’ll need another source of protein; quantity will be replaced with quality. Without food delivered in bulk, the protein supplement will have to deliver the same amount of protein in lesser volume.

It is important to use protein supplements at the right time. For hospital patients who are on a regular diet, protein drinks should be given before meals, but in very low amounts only. Their body may not be able to digest the whey or casein in the supplement. In sensitive cases, ask your doctor’s permission before giving the patient any food supplements.

In the case of athletes, 30-40 minutes before the competition would be the ideal time to take it, and right after the competition. The same goes for you if you’re attending work outs.

Find out more not only about losing weight tips when using protein powder. You will need them also if you are go getter or leading an active life.

If you are allergic to protein drinks, see your doctor and ask for advice. You may just be allergic with one protein component and can tolerate other protein source.

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