Potty seat: Making the Most of the Potty Seat

Potty seats are good tools for an effective potty training experience. Potty training can be very challenging for a first time parent. You cannot just prepare for it that much as there will be unique situations you have to cope up with. But you can arm yourself with the right knowledge and the right attitude towards the training. The big truth is that when you are looking at the training as an exciting and a positive experience you can transfer that positive emotions and vibes to your child and he too will look at it as a fun and positive activity. This mind setting is the very key of the success of you potty training. To make sure that you maximize using the potty training seat you can consider the following points.

Color and design
Make sure that the seat that you will be buying for your baby is familiar to him. The seat can be in his favorite color or it can have a picture of his favorite animal or an image of his favorite cartoon character. This sense of familiarity will make your child feel more secure and less intimidated by the toilet bowl. When he is at ease with this it would not be hard for you to encourage him to try it out and to teach him how to use it.

When you are buying the seat make sure it also have a stool included with it and if possible this stool has the same design and image that the seat have making the child again secured with the familiar color or image. The stool actually has three functions. First is that it will give your child easy access to the toilet bowl. Second he can use this as a platform to put his feet on and push on it when he is in that potty zone. Third is that he can drag it to the lavatory to wash his hands and clean up.

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