Popular Outdoor Lighting Options

Whether you live in a blue-collar town or an affluent area such as Bethesda, Maryland, there is a plethora of outdoor lighting options available. Below are some popular options for outdoor lighting Bethesda Maryland style.


Small floodlights are ideal for lawns, gardens and walkways. There are several options, two of the most popular being the low voltage floodlight and the higher voltage moonlight option. The high voltage moonlight is ideal for providing light to smaller gardens and fixtures. These lights are usually available in 50W, 75W and 100W. Meanwhile, low voltage floodlights typically feature die-cast low copper aluminum housing units and lens frames. The most effective lights feature flat tempered class which not only provides better quality light than its plastic counterparts, but is more durable as the lens will not need to be sanded or replaced every few years.

Torch Lighting

Many people who spend a lot of time in their backyards enjoy using torches. Torch lighting can be used for romantic purposes since they provide a soft glow, or to repel mosquitoes and other pests. Bamboo and tiki are the most popular style of torches, while outdoor gas lamps may be the most decorative as they feature dancing flames surrounded by tempered glass walls.

Deck Lighting

The deck is considered the hub of outdoor living spaces as it is a place where friends and family gather for social gatherings such as cookouts and reunions. Many of these gatherings last well into the night therefore, in order to create a safe outdoor environment there would need to be adequate deck lighting. There is a variety of deck lighting fixtures from which to choose. Some fixtures are permanently installed to the surface of the deck, railings, or house, while other fixtures are more mobile and are able to be arranged accordingly.

Floodlights, torches and deck lights are just a few outdoor lighting options. When making a decision on what types of lights to display, be sure to know how they are going to be used. For example, for those wishing to enhance lawn or garden areas, small floodlights that can be anchored in the ground is ideal, while families who spend time in the backyard may prefer torches, which help keep insects away. Meanwhile, homeowners who have large decks used for entertaining guests may want to invest in deck lights.

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