Pine TV Stands

The most economical of wood television stands are those which have been created using pine. Pine TV stands are great for newer CRT TVs or LCD TVs but are not advisable for plasma. The reason for this is that while pine is economical it will not support the weight that other common furniture woods will and plasma televisions are very heavy.

The most expensive wooden television stands are cherry or any dark oak. These stands are very strong however and, if cared for, will last for many generations. The new stands are designed with all of the new equipment in mind, from Blue Ray players to Video game consoles and home theater systems. You can get stands that are set up for any cabling problem that you may have or even Wi-Fi. Most of you equipment, even the TV, can be concealed in cabinets or drawers and you can pick from any number of storage solutions to keep your DVDS, CDs and video games close at hand.

Wooden television stands are not the only type though. If you want a stand for the children´s room there are high impact plastic stands that are perfect for an LCD screen TV. These stands are strong enough to support all but the largest of LCD TVs and come in a wide variety of colors and even themes from movies and books. There are also metal and metal and glass television stands for anyone who wants a modern or ultra modern look in their entertainment center. We again mention plasma televisions and their weight. A metal stand is fine but glass is a risky choice. This is also true if you have children in the house, where innocent rough housing during a video game can lead to a trip to the emergency room or worse. In the case of television stands it is better to be safe than sorry.

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