Pinched Nerve Causes

Nerves can be described like being like electrical wires that carry information from the brain to the rest of your body and vice-versa. An example of this would be muscles causing them to move, heart beating or slower or faster.  Nerves send information back to the brain in the form of pain, touch, taste and temperature.  When a “pinched nerve” occurs it interrupts the flow or signal along the way to the brain.  A nerve can be damaged or injured by direct pressure being applied to the area. It can be as the result of a bone fracture or better know as a compression fracture when pressure is applied to the bones. Another place can be in your back where a herniated disc erupts as these discs are constantly absorbing the impact of bearing the weight of your upper body.  This is especially important for standing and sitting movements.   Arthritis is another cause, when joints are inflamed they cause the joints to swell and stiffen.  This can cause “trapped nerve” or “pinched nerve”.  This can lead to bone spurs that are formed in areas of inflammation.  This may happen when injury is caused to the back or sole of the heel of your foot.  It is the nearby cartilage of tendons of the inflammation is where the bone spur will take place.

Another cause can be in the spinal canal area where the nerves pass with the spine.  The nerve is pinched in the lower back or buttock area this can compress the sciatic nerve, which can cause sciatica.

Normally it is an injury that causes a “pinched nerve”.  The injured area swells up causing bruising or even the swelling of the extremities in pregnancy.

“Pinched nerves” can be fully treated, and you can recover from it without damage being done if the pressure is alleviated quickly. Find out how you can treat a pinched nerve in shoulder and other problems by following the links!

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