Pimple Cream or Home Remedies for Pimples?

There’s a debate going on these days, between the people who think that pimple cream is the best way to treat pimples, and those who think that natural home remedies are the better route to go. Who is right? Thankfully, with a little experimentation, you can easily find out which one works better for you. Here’s how.

To start, you’ll want to take a picture of yourself, so you know exactly where you’re coming from. Without this, how will you know if you improved or not? Take it at the beginning of the month. Now, for one month, use a single type of pimple cream, or a particular home remedy. Once the month is over, take another picture and compare the two. If you think you look better, then you’ve likely found something that works for you.

Where to go once you have something that works? Keep it up, find 5 more successful remedies, and then compare those 5. Or find twenty. If you do that, then the one you settle on you will know, without a shadow of a doubt, is the very best one available.

Now what if you want to avoid creams and medicines altogether? Well, there are many home remedies for pimples and blackheads that will help you out, but remember, all of these treatments really revolve around you being overly healthy at the same time. If you eat well, lots of healthy vegetables and water, then you’ll find this whole process to be much easier. A less healthy diet and you won’t be the best results. That rings true, regardless if you’re using medicine or natural treatments.

So keep these rules in mind when searching for a cure. If you adjust your lifestyle to be healthier, and do some experimentation, you should find the best way to keep your acne under control with little problem.

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