Panama, Two Oceans around a Narrow Land

I sat down trying to catch my breath…. I kept breathing and breathing, but felt like I still was climbing.  I was starting to panic when the guide told me, “do not worry, you will get used to it, it is the height”.

We were at the summit of the Baru Volcano, the highest point in the Panamanian territory.  It would have been useful if Pedro, our guide, had told me that I was going to feel this tired because of the altitude, but afterwards I found out that this only affects some people, and Pedro did not want to influence the whole group, by warning us about the effects of being over 3000 meters above sea level.

It was a perfect sunny day, with almost no clouds around.  From one side of the crater I could see the town of Volcan, and down below the other side there was Boquete.

I finally catch my breath and stood up facing the Pacific Ocean, when I heard Pedro asking me to turn around; I looked over Pedro’s shoulder and I could not believe it!  There was the Atlantic Ocean!

From how many countries in the world you can see both of those oceans at the same time?  That day I learned that it was only possible from Panama.

After an hour resting and taking pictures, a dense fog covered the Atlantic shores of Panama, leaving only the Pacific side to see.  Pedro told us that it was time to go down the mountain since at nights, temperatures were freezing over there.

This was the last day of my overseas adventure travel and it could not have been better.  I was dead tired, but when I went down the volcano and got to my hotel room, I still was thinking about being one of the few persons in the world that saw both oceans at the same time.  Only in Panama!

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