Nip Ceiling Water Damage in the Bud

The ceiling is one of the most important parts of the home because it’s a major area that serves as the base of the roof. When it gets damaged, possible damage can also affect the roof. Not only that, it can also create a very undesirable aesthetic disaster to your home. No one wants to have this kind of problem, but sometimes ceiling water damage cannot be avoided.  Click here for examples.

The major causes of water damaged ceilings may include broken roof, broken gutters, broken pipes hidden in the ceiling space, or rain water seeping into the ceiling through the gaps in the roof and the ceiling. When you detect ceiling water damage in your home, make sure that you do something about it immediately. But this may not be that easy because water damage in the ceiling may not show in the early stages. The damage may only show as a discoloration in the ceiling surface at first, which is already a very severe case. If you see this in your ceiling, don’t wait for it to actually have a hole. It’s best to act on the ceiling as soon as you can to prevent further damage.

When you find a part of your ceiling that has been damaged with water, get a ladder and inspect it, or if you can access it from above, then that’s much better. Make a hole on the ceiling if the plaster is already peeling off, which is a sign that the condition is already serious. Once you’ve removed the area with water damage, get a vacuum cleaner or a fan and dry the interior of the ceiling. Also inspect for mold and mildew which can be hazardous to the health in great quantities. After you’ve inspected everything, you can either repair the ceiling yourself if you have the knowledge to do it, or you can call a professional repairman and have it fixed by him instead.

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