Mountain Bike Insurance: Cycle Protection For You And Your Bike

Mountain bikes are great fun, but I have had my own share of mishaps.  From crashes to the odd bit of gear being stolen.  It’s at that point insurance becomes important. What about if you are planning on holidaying in your own country or going abroad mountain biking, Croatia for example?

Whatever way you look at it, there really is no way of getting away from the basic need of getting some mountain bike insurance.  Cycle locally, cycle in distant lands, or just leave your bike in your shed and we have to protect both ourselves, and our bikes.

Let’s imagine that you have decided to take your bike abroad – Croatia, as I suggested earlier – and you have a serious tip up.  Your bike is mangled.  And so are you.  You have chipped one of your front teeth and when you are in the hospital it is pretty clear that you aren’t going to be working for the next few weeks, taking you beyond your rights to statutory sick pay.

At this point the insurance comes into play.  Insurance will get you home from your holiday (yes, we all know that), but it also will get your bike repaired or replaced; cover you for loss of earnings due to your injuries; and repair the chipped tooth.  Most people don’t realise that these last two are options!

You probably think that it will cost you an arm and a leg…more than the arm and leg you damaged when you took a spill!  But it doesn’t.  You can buy one off insurance for as little as a day, or to cover you and your possessions for a whole year for just £250.

In summary, make sure you and yours are covered.  It doesn’t cost a lot to give you the piece of mind for your adventures…even if it won’t guarantee 100% safety.  At least we will get home!

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