Money Making Blogs Are All Based On Great Content

You will find that all money making blogs are based on great content.  They might not all be the most beautiful sites in the world, but top blogs all have great content on them.  Your early focus on your blog needs to be on generating top quality relevant content in your niche.  I will share with your some of my top tips on how you can easily make this happen:

1.  Write only 500+ word posts on your blog —  You can make money with a blog if you can master the 500 word post.  Many bloggers put up tiny 250 word posts and expect to “wow” their readers.  You want to make sure you never come across this “lazy” way with your blog.  Stick with 500 word posts, and you will be communicating well with your new readers.

2.  Write posts that teach your readers interesting things —  Do not write up posts that are dull and do not capture your reader’s attention.  You want to make sure your posts are interesting and easy to read.  This will make your readers want to come back for more good “stuff” on your blog.  These return visitors are critical to your blog’s success.

3.  Help your readers solving lingering problems  –   If you can help your readers solve lingering problems they have been struggling with, you will be a great blog for them.  You can do this by learning what the major problems your readers are having and then do a series of posts on  how to overcome this problem.  Once again this will cause your readers to return to your site often, and this is exactly what you want.

All great blogs are based on superior content and problem solving.  Make sure your blog has these attributes and you will be well on your way to profitability.

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