Mizuno MX-300 Irons For Sale Review

The Mizuno MX-300 Irons for sale promise you to improve and enhance your game, both features nicely packed in the form of the MX-300 irons. Being in the top of iron makers on the market for a long time, Mizuno is known for their superior aesthetics, feel and performance.

Meeting in the middle of players and game improvement irons, the MX 300 uses Grain Flow Forged, 1025E “Pure Select” steel made of mild carbon and the Modal Analysis. Their joint result consists of a perfect buttery soft feel and sound at impact, good workability and sleek design, a larger sweet spot and a cavity that is almost invisible.

The iron also has a Y-Tune Pro technology that gives a much sweeter spot and greater forgiveness. The cavity channel is Y-shaped and it evidently reveals the Y-Tune Pro technology. In the look for center of gravity optimization, a milled pocket cavity has been carved in the long and mid-irons, allowing low weight relocation; short irons have while use a solid power bar, better controlling the scoring irons.

The MX-300 are quite esthetical, they have a sharp sleek elegant design than other irons in the MXs line, with an updated blue and yellow combination. The cavity is not visible at address, which is very good for golfers looking for this particular trait in their irons. From the soft feel to the minimalist aspect, these clubs are quite a catch.

The Mizuno MX Irons specs include a standard array of lofts and a True Temper Dynalite Gold XP shaft, in either the R300 or S300 flex profiles. There are also many other shafts available, such as Royal Precision’s Rifle and Project X, and Nippon’s NS Pro 950. They all have round Golf Pride M-21 58 grips that resemble the Golf Pride Tour Velvet. The standard length is a quarter-inch shorter.

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