Mario Mario

Did you ever wonder what Mario’s last name is? By Mario, of course, I’m referring to the star of Nintendo’s Super Mario games, the iconic plumber who spends his time gobbling up mushrooms and hopping off the backs of turtles. Nintendo has refuted speculation that his first and last names are both Mario (that is, his full name is definitely not Mario Mario!), as the “Mario Brothers” name on the series would seem to imply. Apparently Mario is so much better known than Luigi that the two of them are known as the Mario brothers even though that isn’t their last name. Or maybe he just owns the plumbing business?

In any case, the pair have been quite busy lately, from racing go-karts and bikes to jetting around the galaxy (twice!) to last year’s New Super Mario Bros Wii, where they returned to their roots with some great Super Mario Bros 3-like game play. It seems as if they might be getting slightly away from their plumbing roots, though, as they now skip levels using warp cannons rather than warp pipes. Seems like quite a change, but I’ll bet the smell is better..

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