Lose Your Face Fat without Surgery

Do you wish to possess that slim and trim face minus all those facial fats, but everyone around you is saying that the only option you have is plastic surgery? Well you know, that is so not true! If you do not have the money to shell out for a surgical procedure or the mere idea of having a knife cut through your skin (yikes!) is more than enough to make you lose your consciousness, then you are sure to be delighted to find out that there are actually natural ways that can help you realize your objective of how to lose face fat. Losing accumulated fats from other areas of your body via natural means is possible and the same goes true for the face. You can have a face lift without surgery if you take heed of these wonderful tips. Read on!

Increase Your Intake of Water: Drinking plenty of water can provide you with plenty of benefits. It will not only boost the metabolism of your body and keep your hunger pangs at bay, but it also helps rid your body of harmful toxins and other impurities. One to two liters of water per day is the amount that you should be routing for. In doing so, you will get to retain muscle tone and prevent your facial skin from sagging. This is the best way to keep your skin firm, healthy and young looking.

Start Chewing Gum: The act of chewing is a great exercise for the facial muscles, more particularly for the jaws. It will give you that chiseled and well defined jaw line you have long been yearning for. The chewing movement will strengthen and tone your face muscles and improve blood circulation along the area. Making this a habitual practice will leave your face slim looking, elongated and toned. This is an easy, yet very effective exercise for the face that can ease the stiffness of your face, prevent your skin from aging prematurely, bring back the firmness and elasticity of your skin and keep your skin muscles in the right place. At best, chew gum for about twenty to thirty minutes per day. The only flipside of this however is that, gum normally contains aspartame or sugar which can be pretty bad for your health. As a tip, go for sugar-free gum or more better, just imagine you are chewing onto something. Keep your mouth closed while chewing and do it on the right side for a few minutes and then do it also on the left side for balance.

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