Lose Your Belly with HCG Drops

Most of us store our excess fat in our bellies. The belly bulge is not only unattractive it is a common symptom of heart disease. Getting ride of the this belly is not easy. It requires dieting and exercise. Many people will struggle for years to lose this excess fat. With hcg diet drops you will be able to lose your belly once and for all.

The hcg hormone is a natural occurring hormone found in pregnant women. It works as a natural appetite suppressant and well as a hypothalamus stimulant. The hypothalamus is the area of the brain that controls fat loss and fat storage. Once stimulate your body will more readily release stubborn excess fat.  The hcg protocol requires daily administration of the hormone in order to prime you body for optimum weight loss.

Taking hcg drops alone will not result in significant weight loss. You must follow the diet protocol. The protocol requires following several different phases the most important being the VLCD. The very low calorie diet phase is challenging and is responsible for the exceptional weight loss results experienced by hcg dieters. During this phase you will only consume 500 daily calories. This will force your body to burn its stored excess fat for energy. Most dieters will report the lose of over a pound of fat daily.

Once you decide you are ready to make a change once and for all in your life and end dieting buy hcg and start your regime. The weight loss you experience will be safe and fast. Following your weight loss you will find it easier to keep extra weight off because your metabolism will be functioning much more efficiently. You will also find that exercising is much easier now that you are not lugging around an extra 20 pounds. Make your weight loss permanent by eating right and exercising regularly. Start enjoying a healthier and skinnier life.

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