Logbook Loans Can Help Financial Trouble

There is no doubt that one of the easiest ways to get loans in the UK is by using logbook loans. Logbook loans are basically secured loans where you use the logbook, or V5 form, for your vehicle as collateral. Because these are secured loans a lot of the time there are no credit checks carried out, so it makes it really easy for almost everyone to get that money they need quickly.

For a lot of people the last few years have been very hard financially. Many have seen the price of their homes drop below the price they paid for it and their wages will have shrunk, that is if they were lucky enough to avoid the pay-offs that many companies passed out. This has meant that a lot of people have needed to use credit to keep their bills paid and food on the table, after a while this can get you in trouble.

Logbook loans in the UK are one of the ways that you can beat the creditors to the punch before you start getting late notices and charges, both of these will make your credit sink even lower. By getting a secured loan you can use the money to consolidate all of your loans into one lower interest payment, giving you some more freedom over the next year or so. If you have a credit card balance of about £5000 and your interest rate is 18% that is about £1000 of interest over the year. Finding a lender to get a lower interest rate from is not hard, so if you get the interest down to about 10% you could save about £300 on this one debt alone. Doing this should also help to increase your credit rating back to a point where you are able to get unsecured loans.

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