Learn A Bit About Motorcycle Number Plates

We are all familiar with specialized license plates for cars. First made popular in the 1970s specialized plates are simply license plates that, instead of having random series of numbers and letters, they contain a message of some sort. What is a new thing however are custom motorcycle number plates. These plates are essentially the same as the plates made for cars but there are some important differences.

Many people think that specialized plates are made by the Department of Motor Vehicles and this is not true. If you want custom plates, whether they be auto plates or motorbike number plates your first step is to get the plate approved by the DMV. There are two simple requirements. The first is that your message has to be totally unique. If you name is John Smith you probably will not be able to get plates with your name because someone might already have that series of letters. The second requirement is that your message cannot have obscene or vulgar overtones. The fees for specialized plates are a bit higher also.

The second step is to find a company that makes customized license plates. There are many companies that offer this service but you will want to find one that makes plates that comply with the current laws. These laws, describing sizes, colors, styles and what kind of vehicles are eligible, are changing all the time and you will want to make sure your plates currently conform. Plates have to be a standard size and shape to allow the new security cameras around cities, of which red light cameras are only one type, to have a clear view.

Be aware that if you are living in the UK that it is illegal to supply these plates. This means that you will have to find an underground plate manufacturer if you want plates in the United Kingdom.

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